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Blueframe Web 5.0.0

Flash Website Editor Software and Templates Package

Template ImageBuild a website with ease. With Blueframe Web you get an editor software plus 60 Flash templates consisting of 33 websites, 15 commercials, 6 documents, 2 galleries, and 4 presentations.

The software will also generate an iPhone & iPod Touch friendly additional website so now you can have easy access to the 40 million new users in this new mobile market.

Click through the menu below for more information then preview the flash templates. You can also download our trial version of Blueframe Web. The flash templates below are being used as websites but they can also be used as online electronic brochures, e-commercials, presentations, newsletters, resumes, etc.

Our unique software makes it so easy.

Only $59.99 US

Download the Trial Version.


To preview flash templates click here.

Website Template Image


What you get
Minimum system requirements
Editor screenshots
iPhone & iPod Touch simulator
Flash template samples



Professionally designed flash Website templates
Professionally designed flash Gallery templates
Professionally designed flash Presentation templates
Professionally designed flash Commercial templates
Professionally designed flash Document templates
Flash templates include intro, animation and sound
Change the music with your own or record a voice-over
iPhone / iPod Touch friendly auto generated website
Images included within template
Easily create PayPal e-commerce with your links and be selling your products online in minutes
Screen capture any image to the correct size and easily replace flash template images
Easy search engine Meta tag creation
Built-in ftp program, simply drag-and-drop
HTML Text Version also included
Improved search engine optimization
Display size of templates can be changed
Extensive user manual in PDF format and help system within the software
Advance Users - HTML files are also templated so you can add banners, text and images above or below flash site and further customize iPhone / iPod Touch site
Advance Users - use html within text using new context menu access
Advance Users - include images within text in new Type 2 templates
Type 2 templates fully UTF Unicode language compatible - use Accented, Greek, Japanese, Spanish etc. characters!
With our BlueCard Addon application you to easily distribute your flash template projects on floppies or CDs,
    Great for electronic business cards and presentations




Build websites and be online in less than 5 minutes
Intuitive WYSIWYG editor and manual therefore no training required
Everything you need to get online in 1 package
For the non technical user
No programming knowledge required
iPhone / iPod Touch version gives you access to new mobile markets
You build on your own computer therefore:
No internet connection required
No server time lag, load, or connection/server drop-outs
No ongoing monthly subscription fees
*Optional - Purchase the Developers License Version for $299.95 and you can onsell the websites to your      customers and friends. Ideal for webmasters and developers. Start your own business. (Select Developer on order form)
*Need Hosting and Email? - Want to get Blueframe Web for only $9.95?!!  Click here for more information.



What you get

1 Standard Windows compiled install file which consists of the Blueframe Editor with 60 flash templates.
Unique serial number


Minimum System requirements

Windows 98 or greater - Vista and Windows 7 compatible
Flash 7 plugin for internet Explorer
30 Meg hard disk space
16meg memory

Web surfer arriving at customer site
Any browser that has the flash 7 or greater plugin. This is a standard configuration today.

Click here to view our Unique Flash Template Editor screenshots


$59.99 US

Download the Trial Version.



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